fredag 29. november 2013

What "financial crisis" ?

Fascinating stuff...

"Clearing out the yard" all of a sudden became very profitable for this houseowner in upstate New York... We look forward to seeing #83385 on the road again very soon.

mandag 25. november 2013

Taking the road less travelled..

Is usually a good way to start when you want to search for cool stuff. But sometimes the best hiding place is right in plain sight. As was the case with this cool 1950s Ljungmans Star 76 fuel pump. Sitting in front of a farm right next to a heavily trafficked road we must have passed it a zillion times over the years. By pure coincidence we spotted it this weekend, and naturally we had to stop by and ask if it was for sale. Surprised by our question, the farmer said he thought about tearing it down for scrap within the next few days..
Well, obviously it came home with us on the trailer. 
So keep your eyes open, cool old stuff is still out there.
Oh, and always bring a trailer ;-)

mandag 14. oktober 2013

Mouse motor porn

This weekend we attended the 10th anniversary edition of JPMs annual dyno day.
Like every year it is a fun filled event with a great dinner/party on the saturday night to top it of.

The absolute highlight was seeing our friend Anders Widgren's mouse motor being run on the dyno.

Built by Anders himself the 1776cc motor feutures heavily modified VW 043 heads by our man Johannes Persson. Raptor camshaft, lightweight JE pistons, Italian IDAs and a 030 distributor..
No MSD gadgets, no modern wizardry, just good old knowledge and attention to detail.

205hp @ 7250rpm

Hats of Anders, the Screwdrivers salute you!

Anders is a member of the Oslo based Stormtroopers club. A great bunch of guys that are heavily into old school cal look.

For more info on Johannes Persson and JPMotorsport check out his website:

fredag 27. september 2013

Bergrennen here we come!

Paul and Fez have arrived from the UK and we are ready to hit the road up to "Renn-dalen" deep in the norwegian forrests for this weekends event. Bergrennen!

mandag 16. september 2013

A great deal on a 1946 Beetle

This is something you do not see every day... a 3-owners-from-new, unmolested and correct 1946 Beetle... At the price of 40K USD before bargaining...this is by far the best deal we have seen in a long time...

Bananabumpers and big bakelite knobs....gotta love it!

Check it out:

(Not our car, and we only know what the ad says)

søndag 8. september 2013

How we spent our saturday morning

1961 15w deluxe bus rescue. Having the proper tools made this job a breeze :-)

søndag 1. september 2013

A train to catch..

When all of a sudden this little fella came 
along we were surprised by the very
familiar sounding engine noise.. 
Naturally we had to investigate, and what do you

A sweet little 30hp VW industrial engine.
We even got the operator to take us along for a little
rail inspection trip :-)
Center mounted hydraulic jack makes it
possible to lift and turn the little train if needed.

This little thing was COOL!

58th annual Sandviken - Sundvolden

The Norwegian classic car club (Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb) held the 58th edition of their annual Sandviken - Sundvolden "race" yesterday, so we took the Rometsch coupe' out for a little navigation rallying. Here are some random pics.

This Chevrolet had a norwegian built aluminium body and a cool "fat man's" steering wheel

Nice patina on this awesome Stutz.

Streamlined Peugeot

This enormous Pierce Arrow was found rotting away in a creek in the norwegian forrests many moons ago. With only fragments to start with this was a very impressive restauration.

Trusty old swede.. 1935 Volvo 659

An interesting oddball. Aircooled inline 6 cylinder Franklin. With bonnet closed the cylinders are sealed of from the rest of the enginebay. Cold air is forced through the grille, down past the cylinders and from there it is sucked out and under the car through a huge crankmounted fan where the flywheel normally would be..

Navigation rally plaques dating from 54 and onwards

fredag 23. august 2013

15 years and ..... like blid!

The Screwdrivers club is 15 years old this year - and still going strong! Founded to formalize a group of friends under the principle "aill mot aill". Indeed a good group of selected seven...

Thanks for the first 15 guys - a lot more to go...

A memorable moment from the 7-year anniversary of the club, celebrated at Bug Run at Mantorp:

Time to materialize your early Porsche dream ?!

A north-England hoarder has quietly assembled a collection of about 200 pre-1975 Porsches...all models included, most of them LHD from the US. Now he has decided to unload and sell them all. The task has been given to the small, local auction house "Anglia Auctions" - and tomorrow, 24. August 2013 - the first 35 cars are to be sold off to new buyers. 

We expect a "Aalholm all over again" - with prices skyrocketing, but who knows.....?

Check out the impressive list:

onsdag 21. august 2013

EMPI 5 centercap

For those of you who wonder how an original early aluminium EMPI 5 centercap should look like, this is it..

Sorry for the few updates on the blog...

But thanks to everybody that endured the shifting weather, and once again made SCC great!

onsdag 7. august 2013

The long road to SCC..

The Screwdrivers members are starting to show up at the Aasum farm for the upcoming weekends season highlight SCC. 
But this time getting here proved to be a little more of a challenge than usual.
Alien had ignition issues on his supercharged "schmutzplatz" racer that needed a little roadside attention.. Then we ran out of gas on the highway in the BD panel, before eventually having the same car break down again due to rear brake failure... Dooh!

But as they say, the show must go on... So tomorrow the show preparations begins!
Hope to see all of you at Gardermoen Raceway this weekend!!

mandag 5. august 2013

Flugplatz Schmutz Rennen

Under a week to go. Are you ready to rumble? We sure are!!

tirsdag 30. juli 2013

Meeting up with old friends

Patiently awaiting an old friend at the small docks in Hamar. Paddle steamer approaching is called Skibladner, and is the worlds oldest of it's kind still in timetable traffic. She made her maiden voyage on august 2. 1856, and has been operating the same route on norways biggest lake Mjøsa ever since.

The fact that the panelvan was sold from Hamars VW dealer Olrud in november 54, and having spent all its life in the area gives us good reasons to believe that these two workhorses have met quite a few times in the past

Das boot

It's old, it's cool and it's made out of aluminium. In other words we just could not refuse it, even though it ain't a car...

We picked this one up in Sweden, and we know there is another one just like it still around there. That is about all we know about this beauty.

If anyone has some info feel free to drop us an e-mail or leave a comment..

mandag 13. mai 2013

Petermax Rennen - registration is open!

The event.....on your way to the event:

Die Petermax Muller Gedachtnis Rennen 2013

Registration is now open - go to this website to find out more:

This is a fun & informal navigational rally starting out at the PROTOTYP museum in Hamburg at noontime on Thursday and rolling accross the finish line in Hessisch Oldendorf on the same evening. The idea is "period correct, period" .... in the spirit of early VW / Porsche rallying. We really look forward to this thing....both the "rennen breakfast" on Thursday and the bbq party in the evening...

Get your act together and sign up for this greta event!

Headin' for Hessisch....#2

In #2's garage things have been coming together lately and the latest acquisition is soon to roll up to the starting line of the Petermax Memorial race....

søndag 12. mai 2013

Headin' for Hessisch....#3

All Screws have been working hard this winter.... The Olympics are coming up in June!
Every 4 years, the whole world meets in the little town of Hessisch-Oldendorf....and most Screws are bound to be there. It is nothing short of mandatory, really.

This year will be better than ever - with the Petermax Memorial race from PROTOTYP to Hessisch on Thursday, and then the Olympics from Friday-Sunday.

The busiest Screwdriver of them all has been #3, and he recently took the first ride in many his Grendahl Auto-sponsored Zwitter rallycar. Check out the details - looking great and fit for fight...

søndag 27. januar 2013

We spent this Saturday in heaven...

Let's call him "John"..... John is one of the nicest guys in the hobby, one of the most enthusiastic in the hobby...yet one of the most unknown in the hobby. If you look up "low key" in your dictionary, you will find a picture of John.

During a recent visit to the USA, we stopped by to check out his unbelievable collection in the most anonymous place you could ever think of.

John's collection covers pretty much everything from early Beetles to early 911s - and by everything, we mean everything. Some samples: 4xRometsch, 2xHebmuller, 2xWendler, Beutler, 11xPorsche 356 (seriously!), about 10 911s, a handful of 912s, a Devin, a Manx, a Zwitter, a Dannenhauer & Stauss....well - can you think of anything missing in this heaven?

Thanks a lot for a great day John!