mandag 30. november 2009

Norwegian Hammerworks

Our good friends at NHW have their new website up and running. Check it out folks!

tirsdag 24. november 2009

We Love!

Winter-time is also time to fill up your bedside table with good literature... We are not sure why, but the recent years we have seen some obscure, yet fantastic automotive titles being published. The market for some of these niche books can not be great, or greater than we assume it is the publishing/printing costs that have decreased to enable all this great literature to be published.

Some of our current favorites on our next-to-our-bed table are:

"Autodrome" - the lost race tracks of Europe (fantastic!)

"Baron of Speed - Huschke Von Hanstein" - if you love 1940-1955 VW-Specials and Porsches (and of course you do!)

"Die Edel Kafer" - we wore out our "VW Kabriolets & Coachbuilts" many many years ago...and this book that came a few years back is just a fantatstic follow up.

Log on and get them for YOUR bedside table....

torsdag 19. november 2009

Speaking of garage-time...

#4 goes "super size me"... his constant strive for more power based on simple, yet creative solutions has now taken him to the pistons - and here bigger is better! BTW: That is a "big" 94mm on the .... left. Here we go -2010.

Winter-time is Garage-time...

The snowy season is the creative season in Norway's hobby-garages... such is also the case for at least half of the Screwdriver's membaz... #6 has put a lot of thought and effort into an old Norwegian classic and this winter he is ready for the final stretch - we can't wait to see it out in the open in 2010!

onsdag 18. november 2009

Period motivation...

Pure old school engine bay of same car..

"Berm me up, Scotty!"

Timeless shot of Ron Flemming's oval from back in the old days


Wish that a few more of the old gas stations would have been preserved better.. This one in the city of Hamar is almost intact, but still looking a bit sorry for itself.


torsdag 12. november 2009

Alien and some buddies from sweeden heading for SCC 2008