mandag 13. mai 2013

Petermax Rennen - registration is open!

The event.....on your way to the event:

Die Petermax Muller Gedachtnis Rennen 2013

Registration is now open - go to this website to find out more:

This is a fun & informal navigational rally starting out at the PROTOTYP museum in Hamburg at noontime on Thursday and rolling accross the finish line in Hessisch Oldendorf on the same evening. The idea is "period correct, period" .... in the spirit of early VW / Porsche rallying. We really look forward to this thing....both the "rennen breakfast" on Thursday and the bbq party in the evening...

Get your act together and sign up for this greta event!

Headin' for Hessisch....#2

In #2's garage things have been coming together lately and the latest acquisition is soon to roll up to the starting line of the Petermax Memorial race....

søndag 12. mai 2013

Headin' for Hessisch....#3

All Screws have been working hard this winter.... The Olympics are coming up in June!
Every 4 years, the whole world meets in the little town of Hessisch-Oldendorf....and most Screws are bound to be there. It is nothing short of mandatory, really.

This year will be better than ever - with the Petermax Memorial race from PROTOTYP to Hessisch on Thursday, and then the Olympics from Friday-Sunday.

The busiest Screwdriver of them all has been #3, and he recently took the first ride in many his Grendahl Auto-sponsored Zwitter rallycar. Check out the details - looking great and fit for fight...