fredag 29. november 2013

What "financial crisis" ?

Fascinating stuff...

"Clearing out the yard" all of a sudden became very profitable for this houseowner in upstate New York... We look forward to seeing #83385 on the road again very soon.

mandag 25. november 2013

Taking the road less travelled..

Is usually a good way to start when you want to search for cool stuff. But sometimes the best hiding place is right in plain sight. As was the case with this cool 1950s Ljungmans Star 76 fuel pump. Sitting in front of a farm right next to a heavily trafficked road we must have passed it a zillion times over the years. By pure coincidence we spotted it this weekend, and naturally we had to stop by and ask if it was for sale. Surprised by our question, the farmer said he thought about tearing it down for scrap within the next few days..
Well, obviously it came home with us on the trailer. 
So keep your eyes open, cool old stuff is still out there.
Oh, and always bring a trailer ;-)