søndag 27. januar 2013

We spent this Saturday in heaven...

Let's call him "John"..... John is one of the nicest guys in the hobby, one of the most enthusiastic in the hobby...yet one of the most unknown in the hobby. If you look up "low key" in your dictionary, you will find a picture of John.

During a recent visit to the USA, we stopped by to check out his unbelievable collection in the most anonymous place you could ever think of.

John's collection covers pretty much everything from early Beetles to early 911s - and by everything, we mean everything. Some samples: 4xRometsch, 2xHebmuller, 2xWendler, Beutler, 11xPorsche 356 (seriously!), about 10 911s, a handful of 912s, a Devin, a Manx, a Zwitter, a Dannenhauer & Stauss....well - can you think of anything missing in this heaven?

Thanks a lot for a great day John!