lørdag 31. juli 2010

Gettin' ready for the legendary T-BAR-B-QUE!

SCC is just around the corner, and if you are reading this blog we are sure you will be there. Friday night is the big party and time for the big burgers.... last year saw 400 Screwdrivers' burgers find new homes, accompanied with 200 liters of tap-beer from the Screwdriver tent. 2010 is no exception - so get ready for the official "love all, serve all" Screwdrivers T-BAR-BE-QUE at SCC, at Gardermoen on Friday 21. August.

#3 and long time Screwdriver-friend Frode "tinwizard" just got together to finish up our new barbeque and serving-table...we are getting ready for a big tunrout, in other words.

See you at the Screwdriver-tent!

mandag 5. juli 2010

Home grown...

Missing the stacks? Well, use whatever you have lying around....

Alien nation..

After spending quite a few years collecting dust in a corner of the garage we felt it was time to take a closer look at Aliens old street this weekend. Berg linkage, Solex 40P11 carbs and Electric tail lights, lots of cool stuff going on here..