torsdag 22. desember 2011

tirsdag 1. november 2011

For Sale: 1950 VW Split Window Beetle

We have too many projects, and something has to go - although we truly, genuinely hate to sell anything...

This is a really great car - an early 1950 Bordeoux Red VW Split Window Beetle. This thing has always been an absolute keeper - because it is rust free!

This is a partly dismantled project - but all complete! As shown on the picture; A rolling shell with glass and doors on a complete, untouched chassis. ALL other parts are in boxes.

The good:
- Very original, very very solid body.
- Early 1950 Export model with chrome & ivory, yet mechanical brakes
- The nicest color of them all; Bordeux Red (very nice inside - fantastic patina outside)
- Virtually rust-free..floorpans, heater channels - no holes!
- Very nice, complete, original interior (seats and side panels)
- Original, color-coded gas tank
- Original, good doors + hood, engine lid and all 4 fenders - correct!
- All correct, hard-to-find parts are included; Bumpers, lights, chrome, dash, glass, handles...etc. All of it!
- Very nice, untouched, complete (K-mainfold, coffee can and all!) 1950-engine from the same month of production

The not-so-good:
- Rear end / rear apron cut off (sidewalls, shelves and bumper mounts are included)
- Dented front apron (but no rust)
- Missing semaphores and carpets

Our plan was to paint/fade/patinate the fenders/hood/lid and drive it as-is with the cool patina and funky, white speed-stripe as pictured.

Price estimate is in the 60.000 NOK-range, with minus for deletion of parts or plus if you want it assembled. Open to offers. Email at: if interested.

Wanted: green 356-gauges

Our good Porsche-friend, Kari from Finland has just completed one of the most amazing Pre-A restorations on the planet and guess what he foudn left over in his garage after the work? A set of window frames numbered "722" - which proves they originate from our very own Coupe #10722. Amazing stuff....and now he wants to trade for a speedo and combi-gauge for a late-50-ies 356. The green style made by VDO....anybody have some to offer?

Smashed Gmund Porsche

We are tuning in for a "split-window-Porsche-winter" this wrenching-season - and what better way to warm up than checking out some period correct photos?

tirsdag 20. september 2011

Welcome Mauro!

Our very good friend, Paolo, from Switzerland (aka "Mr Beutler") can finally call himself a father...congratulations! Little Mauro will surely take the attention from Porsche- VW- & coachbuilt-thinking for a while and give Paolo & Anita plenty to handle. Above all; joy & happiness. Welcome to this world little Mauro...

Congratulations Kristian!

The Screwdrivers' are thinking ahead and planning for the future, and recruitment in the form of baby-booming is the way to go. Out of 7 membaz - there are now a total of (soon) 10 junior Screwdrivers. The most lucky on of them, surely must be #3's youngest; Kristian. His super-cool baby-hot-rod is soon to hit the streets...

Congratulations Alien!

A 20-year hunt for "the perfect" Split-window finally came to an end, when our tall #3 pulled this great looking Zwitter out of a barn just a few weeks ago. Stay tuned for more great pictures of this great unotuchedoneowner-car...

mandag 8. august 2011


Be there for the 10th ANNIVERSARY...the now world famous SCREWDRIVERS T-BAR-BE-QUE 2011 is just around the corner: Friday 19th of August at 19:30 at the more-than-world-famous SCC-show ( at Gardermoen, Norway.

This is the official pre-party of northern Europe's largest aircooled VW-show...and if you are anybody or nobody in the scene - the Screwdrivers tent is the place to be on Friday evening.

A small cash payment allows you to browse the JUICY BURGERS and get ICE COLD TAP BEER straight from our bar.


(My God....we are bad bloggers... Last entry in May - since then "everything" has happened... Roadtrip to Camberg...the Petermax-race....our OOC-friends....memories.....the good and bad, but worth blogging about. We will improve...)

mandag 23. mai 2011

Fun on the ice back in the days

How cool is the Speedster on Empi Sprint Stars?!

søndag 22. mai 2011

Coupe Devils Hot Rod and Custom Bonanza

With some spare time to kill this weekend we headed out to this little rod and custom get-together hosted by the Coupe Devils. Laid back atmosphere and cool cars.

torsdag 12. mai 2011

Abandoned Drag Strips...

Besides "all" the VW/Porsche-forums, we often find ourselves comfortable over at the HAMB on the Jalopy Journal-pages. Hot Rods and Cal Lookers have a lot in common - and one thing is the love affair with dragstrips - the "battlefields".

We just loved this thread over at the HAMB - "Lost Drag Strips" - all 11 pages of it. Check it out by clicking on the bottom picture.

onsdag 11. mai 2011


Due to lack of information on the topic; birth control, the SCREWDRIVERS crew need to build cars for the little ones as well....

A little sneak-peak-pre-view on one lucky stubby SCREWDRIVERS ride:

tirsdag 10. mai 2011

'53 Porsche 356 barn find...

It just never stops to amaze us.... the amount of unrestored classic cars that still exist. Some very few still with the original owner, or their family and yet more in the hands of eraly day collectors that picked them up while they were cheap and plentyful.

This time it is a '53 Porsche Convertible... In many ways the ultimate 356 (all Pre-'52s aside, of course) in our opinion; It has a body that allows for removing the bumpers, it has got the old dash and windscreen, and it has got a symmetrical up-front lighting arrangement. A one-year only feature - and since the cabrio was the lightest, most "raciest" car ...this sample is dying to get some vintage racing treatment.

Check out the EBAY-auction - Item number: 220780146532...and bid before it is too late.

mandag 9. mai 2011

The Think Tank

This weekend hosted the annual "mother of all swap meets" here in Norway - the "Ekeberg Market". Hundreds of sellers, thousands of buyers - this is a really nice event with a history since the 60ies and arranged by the veteran car club of Norway.

During recent years, we find more friends and faces than nuts and bolts...but there is always something.... Last year our big find was the Italmeccanica supercharger, which is bound for our '51 356 - check it out here:

This year, a wonderful airplane belly-tank got us thinking..... A pair of Okrasa-heads hangin' out the sides of it....a "non-shock-tower" front beam off a Kubel up front....wouldn't it be sweet? But this year we left it at that - just think-tanking. Some lucky buyer might have picked it up, although he would have to have been slimmer than us in order to fit in it.

tirsdag 12. april 2011

75 days to Bad Camberg...

The workshop lights are on every evening these days in the Screwdrivers barn... Getting together the big bore 616/36 engine slowly, but surely. Just a few evenings away from going into the HPD Special now.

BBTBBQ, Cannoball Run and Bad Camberg - what a summer!

torsdag 10. mars 2011

A little wheel display we put together some years ago

Taking a trip down memory lane..

Taking a trip down memory lane..

Progress has been slow...

Not only on updating the blog, but also in the workshop...
Had to get my sh.. together and get some stuff done.
Restored the Rocket Racing wheels, got the type 1 spindle conversion done, brakes and wheels on.. Looking forward to get the bus rolling on its own wheels again soon.

fredag 28. januar 2011

One of our heroes: Mr Emerson Fittipaldi

Twin-engined Beetle!

Taking Vintage Speed to a new level: Mr Fittipaldi has a long and quite extreme racing-career and the Screwdrivers of course knew of his VW-beginnings.. His now-restored blue and white Ghia (with the lovely Le Mans number lights...) was a great template when constructing our "Der Thundersodder Spezialer". Then all of a sudden this twin-engined "Monster Beetle" shows up on our screens! Unreal...! Check the intakes, the tyres...the engines....the competitors! Unbeleivable...

Check this link for details on the "Fitti-Fusca":

Time for somebody to recreate!

Thanks to "anmilsurp" over at The Samba for this translation:

tirsdag 18. januar 2011

The Mother of all Porsches: Typ 52

What would the history of the automobile have looked like if Ferdinand Porsche would have completed his roadgoing monster back in 1933/34? Inspired by Bernd Rosemeyers success on the racetracks with the Auto Union racers, Porsche coined the idea of something "absolutely-oposite-of-the-Volkswagen" - and designed this unbelievable V-16 street legal monster named the Typ 52. The absolute dream-car of any Porsche-VW fanatic.

Check this great story for more on the fantastic Typ 52:

Here at the Screwdrivers headquarters, we are totally totally lost in the "Stromlinie"-era of German motoring dating from 1930 to 1955 for the time being. We can't stop thinking, reading and loving the Steyr Typ 50/55, Mercedes 130H/170H, Adler Typ10 Autobahn, the Tatras and the dreamcars that was all part of the "VW"-movement. Funny thing is - Mr Porsche was related to most of them in one way or the other. Watch this blog for more to come...

onsdag 12. januar 2011

4-Cam in a barn? Best forum thread ever!

All our old junk will live on this earth way longer than we - the owners - ever will... We are merely caretakers of it all for a snapshot in time - so be sure to make the best of it..

The story in this amazing thread tells how an old Porsche enthusiast has died and left a barn for of junk to two totally uninterested daughters.... Absolutely amazing barn-find / garage-find story. Keep reading also after you think it is fake...and you think it is over.

Truly amazing....and we do not know the end of it yet.

Keep watching this space: