søndag 12. mai 2013

Headin' for Hessisch....#3

All Screws have been working hard this winter.... The Olympics are coming up in June!
Every 4 years, the whole world meets in the little town of Hessisch-Oldendorf....and most Screws are bound to be there. It is nothing short of mandatory, really.

This year will be better than ever - with the Petermax Memorial race from PROTOTYP to Hessisch on Thursday, and then the Olympics from Friday-Sunday.

The busiest Screwdriver of them all has been #3, and he recently took the first ride in many years.....in his Grendahl Auto-sponsored Zwitter rallycar. Check out the details - looking great and fit for fight...

1 kommentar:

  1. Kanske måste jag uppdatera min zwitter med flera extraljus, nu när jag sett denna.... :D

    Må bäste zwitter vinna!
    See U in Hamburg!