onsdag 30. september 2009

SweetSwapMeet-find: ITALMECCANICA supercharger

#2 scored big time at the legendary "Ekeberg" swap meet 2 weeks ago... This is where VW-voultures and junk mix two times a year - and every now and then a real gem shows up. This very rare, very nice ITALMECCANICA compressor / supercharger / blower made between 1951-53 for the 25HP VW-engine was this year's big prize.
Much more about it over at TheSamba:

Do you know more about this thing? Pictures, survivors, old reports...anything will be greatly appreciated.

Now .... what car to put it on?

søndag 27. september 2009


SCREWDRIVERS BACKYARD BBQ 2009....the 2 guys driving for hours....the 2 best cars....2 most freezing guys....see ya next time!!

A long way to go, and a short time to get there..

#7 in hot pursuit of #6, two oval window bugs on their long way back home after spending the weekend in "trivelige trøndelag"

Quite a few stayed on for more socialising and beers into the late evening.

Thanks everyone for making it such a nice little event. The Screwdrivers salute you all.

When everybody had had enough burgers...

we wandered down to the Alien basement where Leif aka #1 had prepared some slides and treasure hunting stories.

While Alien kept the BBQ warm, people were hanging out having a good time.

fredag 25. september 2009


Another photo from the first scc.....
photo from www.cal-look.no


ANSEN`S fit on everything.. also old type-2`s


but i did not like the interior..
photo`s from www.thesamba.com

torsdag 24. september 2009


this foto is from www.cal-look.no and its from the first SCC

onsdag 23. september 2009



lørdag 19. september 2009


this is a rebuilt 70`s gasser engine.. what do
you think about those pipes??..

fredag 18. september 2009

Ready, set go!

Judging from the interest - Alein's basement will soon be full of it... Great interest for "høstens vakreste eventyr" - the SCREWDRIVERS BACKYARD BBQ coming up in one week. The start numbers are ready - are you?

tirsdag 15. september 2009

Great use of a ..... BMW

The Screwdrivers are NOT "automotive racists" - we love all and serve all. Although we do admit a certain "reservation" towards British-made cars, and also the Bavarian Motoren Werke-products. In northern Sweden a local "Petter Smart" found good use of the roof of a BMW 700 Coupe....

#3 has 2 wheels like these, and they are for sale, if the price
is right.... alienbug@broadpark.no

mandag 14. september 2009

Favorite website: www.jasifil.se

One of our absolute most favorite websites is http://www.jasifil.se/ ... Check it out. This Swedish photographer specializes in "abandoned locations" and his pictures are just absolutely fantastic... Check them out.. a lot of cars and wrecking yards on there as well.

søndag 13. september 2009

Number #3 is thinking about doing something with his"tool box"
after he got this photo in his mail box

fredag 11. september 2009

The real deal...

#7 says his berms are getting on his nerves... they are alive! Real(ly old..) magnesium demands constant maintenance and monthly polishing in order not to oxidise too much. Here is one wheel that has more serious problems - still a nice garden hose holder?

torsdag 10. september 2009

Jøran Larsen did this foto of number #3`s car, just 4 weeks
after it was finished....

tirsdag 8. september 2009

this is from the old days.... when some of the screwdrivers
lived in the garage....
this is a well known car... this is under construction...
Member number#3 got this car over from Florida last year or so....
the old owner told him.... " its rust free"............... its not...

Re-united we stand!

Catch of the week: 1949 engine...
Harald A. Møller (RIP) was a visionary man ... and having built his fortune on importing Dodge and Hanomag cars to Norway before the war, he was one of very few in the war-battered Norway that believed in German industry and warmly embraced the Volkswagen. He battled with export- and import-regulations from '46 onwards, and finally at the very end of 1949 he became the official importer of VW to Norway. Our friend Harald was an impatient and energetic man and despite the long negotitations, he managed to import one very first car in February of 1949 and through the Danish VW-importer, he managed to trade "the stuff that cheese is made of" - "kassein" - against a total of 190 brand new Volkswagen Sedans in the year 1949. So - Norway became VW-land by the means of 3 boat loads of Beetles....100 in June, 50 in July and 40 in September.

Surprisingly over 30 of 1949-models still exisit in Norway today - some of these are later imports from Sweden and Germany, but at least 15% of the original "Norway-49s" still survive. An impressive number indeed.

#2 found his September '49 car in i field in the middle of Norway about 10 years ago. The first owner was a veterenarian on an island outside of Trondheim and the car is according to papers the very first car sold by the local VW-dealer - "Grendahl Auto AS". The last portion of its life it served as some sort of baja-conversion racing the fields of Nord-Trøndelag. It aborted it's original engine many years ago.

Last week #2 picked up a perfect engine for it - a September '49 engine...not the matching number one, but one that for sure was on that very same shipload of 40 Beetles in September 1949. One more piece of the puzzle in place...really, all that remains is a lot of welding and some spare time. Re-united they stand...
"EAT MY SPACE DUST" those wheels are cool....
This is member number #3s old looker....

fredag 4. september 2009


When selling the 54 high-roof-hunt-cottage....cross the border...I really had my doubts about this bus getting the wheels rollin back at the "fastdekkeveien" ever again....

Follow Demian (Swede) and the timetravel gettin it back in shape....blog-style, with other projects also apearing...but the main thing for u should be the barndoor getting back to life again...

Here a shot from how it looks after a dive through the paint-layers....
...and the blog..?

A very very nice Cal Looker

Screwdriver-good friend "Torix" from Trondheim owns this wonderful super nice '62 Cal Looker. This car was built in the cold north back in 1988 and is as wonderful and right today as it was back then. Porsche 911 seats, 356A-brakes, TillerRacing-built 1915 ccm in the back, black fivespokes against the lipstick-red color. We love it!

#5's motto "the best cars are those who have at least one thing you hate" might be pointing to the Britax sunroof - but in this case it is all sooo very right. Check it out at next years T-BAR-BE-QUE.


Der Thundersodder Spezialer is warming up for the notorious BERGRENNEN 2009...but in reality it is very cold outside tonight.

Have a nice weekend everybody

Time to kick of your shoes, lean back
in your favorite easy chair and crack open a cold one.

Taking a little break from the barndoor for now

Sealing it up with epoxy primer before it goes into storage for a while, it might not look like much but it has been a massive job getting to where it is now..

Second round of sandblasting

World's oldest Type 3 engine!

#2 is cleaning house and reverting to "core business" - meaning Type 1 & 2 and "others". All Type 3 cars & stuff are gone, except this very early engine for a Notchback or a Type 34. According to the 1500Club, this is the oldest known Type 3 engine in the entire world... So if your into "earlies" - this is your chance. It is for sale to bids over 200 EUR.

Out for a ride... D&S-style.

#2 went to visit one of the cornerstones of the Swedish VW-hobby last week. How about garage-sightseeing in a Dannenhauer & Strauss ?