mandag 13. januar 2014

Dream garage...dream house....or both?

Some of the Screwdrivers are looking forward to moving into new house very soon....all others look forward to the house warming party...

The "Unimog" house concept was unfortunately known to us at the time of starting the build....but here is inspiration to anybody wanting to combine their hobby and their life....and wife?

Check it out:

onsdag 8. januar 2014


About 15 years ago we were standing in a warehouse in Arizona shaking our head over the price tag of an unrestored fourcam motor....20K USD was "more than a driving 356" at the time and seemed crazy for just a motor.

Well...I am not sure what better stocks at NASDAQ we could have bought...but surely the Fourcam would have been a great investment - and we could even have had some fun with it on the way.

Let's see where this one ends - 3bids and no reserve is always a good thing.

13 Jan update:
Got to 154K USD, then deleted....same story...