fredag 28. januar 2011

One of our heroes: Mr Emerson Fittipaldi

Twin-engined Beetle!

Taking Vintage Speed to a new level: Mr Fittipaldi has a long and quite extreme racing-career and the Screwdrivers of course knew of his VW-beginnings.. His now-restored blue and white Ghia (with the lovely Le Mans number lights...) was a great template when constructing our "Der Thundersodder Spezialer". Then all of a sudden this twin-engined "Monster Beetle" shows up on our screens! Unreal...! Check the intakes, the tyres...the engines....the competitors! Unbeleivable...

Check this link for details on the "Fitti-Fusca":

Time for somebody to recreate!

Thanks to "anmilsurp" over at The Samba for this translation:

tirsdag 18. januar 2011

The Mother of all Porsches: Typ 52

What would the history of the automobile have looked like if Ferdinand Porsche would have completed his roadgoing monster back in 1933/34? Inspired by Bernd Rosemeyers success on the racetracks with the Auto Union racers, Porsche coined the idea of something "absolutely-oposite-of-the-Volkswagen" - and designed this unbelievable V-16 street legal monster named the Typ 52. The absolute dream-car of any Porsche-VW fanatic.

Check this great story for more on the fantastic Typ 52:

Here at the Screwdrivers headquarters, we are totally totally lost in the "Stromlinie"-era of German motoring dating from 1930 to 1955 for the time being. We can't stop thinking, reading and loving the Steyr Typ 50/55, Mercedes 130H/170H, Adler Typ10 Autobahn, the Tatras and the dreamcars that was all part of the "VW"-movement. Funny thing is - Mr Porsche was related to most of them in one way or the other. Watch this blog for more to come...

onsdag 12. januar 2011

4-Cam in a barn? Best forum thread ever!

All our old junk will live on this earth way longer than we - the owners - ever will... We are merely caretakers of it all for a snapshot in time - so be sure to make the best of it..

The story in this amazing thread tells how an old Porsche enthusiast has died and left a barn for of junk to two totally uninterested daughters.... Absolutely amazing barn-find / garage-find story. Keep reading also after you think it is fake...and you think it is over.

Truly amazing....and we do not know the end of it yet.

Keep watching this space: