torsdag 30. juli 2009

This project would not have been possible without this guy though

The hero of the day!

Front floor mock-up, with owner posing...

Inside veiw same side.. New frame liner in place

Driver's side front beam mounting point repair

Some front lower wheel well repairs

A timeconsuming welding job..

Viewed from the inside with the reinforcement pilars also welded on.
BTW: The blue spots are Volvo welding primer, best stuff there is..

Some updates on the barndoor

Driver's side inner wheel well, B pillar and rocker taking shape

søndag 26. juli 2009

Mark Herbert's timeless quaife test video

RIP Mark, the VW scene will never be the same without you.

fredag 24. juli 2009

#1s problem when travelling is not what to pack, but what to pack it in...

Each to their own as the saying goes....

When we are on the subject of style.. The streamlined design of the Saab 92 is just übercool!!

Imagine this car lowered on a set of patina'd real BRMs.... Now that would rock our boat..

Talk about Finnish style, Kai's lawnmower is the coolest we have seen to this date.

Thanks for the hospitality Tomi!

You sure know how to live and drive in style.

Screwdrivers visit Finland.

When a normal pussy, sorry pussi is not enough....

Recreation for the soul.. A walk in the woods.

55 Chevy resting in a norwegian forest. You can hear the cars on the highway flying past, modern stressful times.... But still no one knows that just meters away times have stod still for the last 30 years.. So peaceful, so close but still so far... What a beauty.

Bodyman Egil smiling bravely, but....

"Why the hell did I volunteer for this..........."

Some more progress..

To this..

Work starts on #7s barndoor

With the help of his good friend and partner in crime Egil, they soon changed the van from this..

Look what we found when going trough all the junk at #7s storage space...

Hidden under all sorts of junk in the corner of the barn was this old panelvan..