fredag 23. august 2013

15 years and ..... like blid!

The Screwdrivers club is 15 years old this year - and still going strong! Founded to formalize a group of friends under the principle "aill mot aill". Indeed a good group of selected seven...

Thanks for the first 15 guys - a lot more to go...

A memorable moment from the 7-year anniversary of the club, celebrated at Bug Run at Mantorp:

Time to materialize your early Porsche dream ?!

A north-England hoarder has quietly assembled a collection of about 200 pre-1975 Porsches...all models included, most of them LHD from the US. Now he has decided to unload and sell them all. The task has been given to the small, local auction house "Anglia Auctions" - and tomorrow, 24. August 2013 - the first 35 cars are to be sold off to new buyers. 

We expect a "Aalholm all over again" - with prices skyrocketing, but who knows.....?

Check out the impressive list:

onsdag 21. august 2013

EMPI 5 centercap

For those of you who wonder how an original early aluminium EMPI 5 centercap should look like, this is it..

Sorry for the few updates on the blog...

But thanks to everybody that endured the shifting weather, and once again made SCC great!

onsdag 7. august 2013

The long road to SCC..

The Screwdrivers members are starting to show up at the Aasum farm for the upcoming weekends season highlight SCC. 
But this time getting here proved to be a little more of a challenge than usual.
Alien had ignition issues on his supercharged "schmutzplatz" racer that needed a little roadside attention.. Then we ran out of gas on the highway in the BD panel, before eventually having the same car break down again due to rear brake failure... Dooh!

But as they say, the show must go on... So tomorrow the show preparations begins!
Hope to see all of you at Gardermoen Raceway this weekend!!

mandag 5. august 2013

Flugplatz Schmutz Rennen

Under a week to go. Are you ready to rumble? We sure are!!