torsdag 18. mars 2010

Remember the old NSU-relic...?

Back in this post:

Our good friend, the Blacksmith, is at it again... His '20ies board track racer inspired hot rod motorcycle is shaping up in the atelier of his up in the cold north. This is where the NSU-engine of the blue "skogsvrak" is going... Stay tuned for more updates.

onsdag 17. mars 2010

The stuff that dreams are made of...

We are not sure who sent us these pictures, but if we did - we would give them/you a hug! What could be better than an untouched, battered old Speedster....straight out of the barn? This looks to be somewhere in Europe, and the car is to die for.

Spring is coming up...

...and both the VW-market and the cars themselves are starting to move. Last night we picked up an "old love affair" on behalf of Screwdriver-friend "Soddli". This Zwitter was saved in the basement of one of the largest VW-dealerships ever since it was traded for a newer Beetle sometime in the early sixties. Very very nice condition! It was one of the only Splits on the road back in "Screwdrivers-cradle" (city of Trondheim) about 20 years ago - and now it is back in the family again.

mandag 8. mars 2010


We picked up a really cool 60ies Go Cart the other day - thanks to our good friend Obviously built on the USA sometime during the mid-60ies...mateallic blue with black and gold pinstriping...and center-mounted seat is all cool. However - the 3-bolt magnesium wheels, tall-n-square tyres with white letters is what did it for us.

Something for the about it on a custom built small trailer (we know of some...)...behind a Panel logoed as a service truck?

torsdag 4. mars 2010

In the works....

Screwdriver's friend TT at Norwegian Hammerworks is at it again... His '52 Split is up for a mix of custom 'n hot rod...combined with German "stromlinie"-features - and we can't wait to see it done. As a taste of things to is the mock up of the engine; All handmade alu tin surrounding a Type 4 block with a complete kit of hens teeth .... sorry Hilborn, that is.