tirsdag 19. juni 2012

Too many projects - Barndoors for sale!

We have to many projects, that means these two barndoors will have to go..

Update; The blue '53 is now sold and stays in Norway. The white/blue March '52 van is still available...

tirsdag 5. juni 2012

How sexy are the lines and sounds of the early 911s??

mandag 28. mai 2012

5W Coupe making a run for it at a local hot rod get together.. Lovin summer!!

mandag 23. april 2012

John and his Tatra-collection;

On our little "Screwdrivers Tour of Canada 2012", we connected with one of our new heroes; John in Toronto. John loves "the weird ones", and besides a fleet of weird Citroens, he has focussed his last 25 years in the hobby on ... Tatras. We found his wonderful garage just outside the city and dropped down on our knees when the garage door first revealed these two beauties;

"Climbing the latter" in the world of Tatras means...the 603, then the Tatraplan, then a T87...but John could not rest with that. 20 years ago he set his goals high, and aimed for the T77 - the "penultimate" factory produced streamliner of all times. The T77 was a "no expense spared" type car aimed at portraying the excellence of Czechoslovakia, and is truly a very advanced, very large and very complex luxury car - what an unbelievable shape;

After 10 years of hunting and begging....John got his T77 out of Moscow, after spending a total of 4 years on the "paperwork". Less than 20 T77s are known to exist in the whole wide world...and this very evening we had to go through "moments of silence", as we approached this fantastic car. The giant, aircooled, magnesium V-8 alone....was worth the visit:

Thanks for the great evening John - we will be back.

Meanwhile - check out more of John and his T77 here:

Also - check out his fantastic story on what he did with his T87:

søndag 15. april 2012

How many Barndoors does one need?

.....at least three. According to Screwdriver#7. Now he has got '52, '53 and '54 in his collection.

mandag 9. april 2012

Samba bus left to rot...

23 windows is often enough for any VW-nut to wet his pants and trade his wife for.... But the owner of this old '59 hotel-wagon has left it outdoors to rot - and there is nobody or nothing that can change his mind on that subject. Unfortunately for the Bus and the longing enthusiasts - but it makes up a nice Easter-trip adventure for Norwegians with no snow..

Our two favorite Tatras ... ever.

A snowmobile and a racecar....what more do you need?

tirsdag 28. februar 2012

#7 and his '54 Barndoor...

#7's cool '54 Barndoor is coming together nicely now, after a classic "much more work than expected"-phase in the restoration process. This old bread-van will be sitting semi-low with Rocket Racing wheels and a smooth, vintage Gene Berg-engine. Great work Rune and friends! This van has gone from forrest-relic to the smoothest Barndoor in Norway in just a few years. A mamooth job and finally now some time behind the steering wheel this summer. Thumbs up!

fredag 17. februar 2012

"So - Porsche made cars after 1952...who cares?"

This slogan was invented by Mr Tom Birch over at the 356 Split Window Registry, and in principle we do agree...

Having said that - there are the 550s, the early Carreras....and of course: the Porsche 906. It "hits all the buttons" of any male car enthusiast. Full-blooded, all-out race car in all aspects, yet with lights and - license plates!

The Porsche 906 - very high on our "unobtainable"-wish list indeed - and if we ever got one, we would have hauled it around in Frazer Nash-style:

torsdag 16. februar 2012

Local VW Garage...

Back in the days, there was a VW-garage in virtually every spot on the map all over Norway and Sweden. We stumbled upon this picture on the Web recently....from "Finnsnes" - a community where the "welcome"-sign and the "stop by next time"-sign is mounted on the same sign-post. Levely scene - could only have been better if it was a bananabumper car hanging in the outdoor lift... Wonder what's peeking behind the door?

tirsdag 14. februar 2012

Our top four Mercedes-favorites:

....Mercedes, you say...."the enemy".. Yes, we know... But when they were in the race to obtain the goodwill of the big boss, Mercedes did build rear-engined, streamlined, small cars... and we love them.

Top choice would of course be the 150H Coupe - one of only 6 racecars built in 1934. Lovely lovely...did any of them survive?

Then....the 175H - a one-off prototype intended to show the speedy attributes of the new generation of compact cars...in 1933. Does anybody know if it did survive?

Third choice, in reality first choice for the collection, is of course the 130H. Introduced in 1934 as a Porsche-competitor in the "Fuhrer's competition" of producing THE German car. We love the 130H and can't wait to find the right one at the right price.....in the right condition.

Fourth choice....the "evulotionized" heckmotor-car...larger, better...more "Merced-ic" and less of a volks-auto... the 170H. These are still around, both here in Norway (one still with its first owner...) and also on Ebay.

Lovely - although they come from the wrong side of Stuttgart....

150H (1934):
175H (1933): 130H (1934-36):

170H (1936-39):

mandag 13. februar 2012


....we just can't get enough of it. The pre-war era of experimental automotive streamlining that also made it into mass-production is just fantastic and our search for more cars in this "genre" is on....

One dream - "maybe" achievable - the Tatra T77 (249 made):

One for surely NOT achievable - the 1934 DKW Aero (one prototype only):

1950 VW Split Beetle FOR SALE

We are putting together our Bourdeux Red - 1950 Beetle and getting it ready for shipment to the new owner... coming together nicely now. The vintage feel of an original-paint Split Beetle dash is unbeatable..

Our favorite car-ads ... ever:

An american made the top one a few years ago...then a Norwegian made the second one. Very cool...