søndag 1. september 2013

58th annual Sandviken - Sundvolden

The Norwegian classic car club (Norsk Veteranvogn Klubb) held the 58th edition of their annual Sandviken - Sundvolden "race" yesterday, so we took the Rometsch coupe' out for a little navigation rallying. Here are some random pics.

This Chevrolet had a norwegian built aluminium body and a cool "fat man's" steering wheel

Nice patina on this awesome Stutz.

Streamlined Peugeot

This enormous Pierce Arrow was found rotting away in a creek in the norwegian forrests many moons ago. With only fragments to start with this was a very impressive restauration.

Trusty old swede.. 1935 Volvo 659

An interesting oddball. Aircooled inline 6 cylinder Franklin. With bonnet closed the cylinders are sealed of from the rest of the enginebay. Cold air is forced through the grille, down past the cylinders and from there it is sucked out and under the car through a huge crankmounted fan where the flywheel normally would be..

Navigation rally plaques dating from 54 and onwards

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