fredag 30. oktober 2009

Finally: Good old fashioned SKOGSVRAK-HENTING...

Fetching abandoned relics from the Norwegian forests is one of our absolute favorite activities... After "growing up", it just happens way to seldom. This weekend we finally completed a journey we have been waiting for.... This old NSU is beat up, smashed and too far gone.... but has had one owner since new. The only thing we will keep from this pile is the rear mounted, 4cyl, air cooled engine.... 1200 ccm and with the sought after TS marks. Very nice and perfect for a Screwdriver-friend's mystery project.... Stay tuned.

mandag 26. oktober 2009

A new favorite: MEILENWERK, Dusseldorf

Very few automotive happenings cause physical disturbance in a positive way.... But there are some. Revealing a fantastic barnfind, first start up of a high performance engine.... the feeling of a great great deal, an unbeleivable swap meet find.. We have been fortunate to have experienced a few over the years; standing in the middle of the Daytona trioval when a total of 6 - six - Porsche 917s put the pedal to the metal...was strong - very strong.
Last week we visited "MEILENWERKE" in Dusseldorf - a museum for "fahrkultur"...."automotive culture". We very much got the same feeling - almost lost our breath. Unbeleivable - a monument to our hobby that really make you proud of what you are doing. Check it out:

A gigantic old steam locomotive garage has been super-nicely restored and converted into a .... monument for automotive culture.. A shitload of oldtimers was stored two stories high behind glass doors, a whole soccerfield full of classics for sale, and a alley of specialised vintage automotive repairshops... in the middle of it all: Cafe Hebmuller. I am not joking! Not to be missed on your next trip to Das Vaterland - no matter what type of car hobby you fancy.

We really liked the Fcael Vega HK500 - but that would be cheating on your wife, right? We totally fell in love with this one, and are already planning our return-visit...

søndag 11. oktober 2009

Putting on that happy face

Test fitting the nose clip, coming from a newer car there are still some small things left to do on it before it can go on for a final time. Really pleased with the progress this weekend.

Flooring it

Well, had some spare time this weekend. Pulled the barndoor back into the workshop, and felt we made some great progress. Front floors, heater tube and headlamp support welded in

Solid as a rock(er)

Cargo door rocker welded in, cargo floor test fitted.