tirsdag 10. mai 2011

'53 Porsche 356 barn find...

It just never stops to amaze us.... the amount of unrestored classic cars that still exist. Some very few still with the original owner, or their family and yet more in the hands of eraly day collectors that picked them up while they were cheap and plentyful.

This time it is a '53 Porsche Convertible... In many ways the ultimate 356 (all Pre-'52s aside, of course) in our opinion; It has a body that allows for removing the bumpers, it has got the old dash and windscreen, and it has got a symmetrical up-front lighting arrangement. A one-year only feature - and since the cabrio was the lightest, most "raciest" car ...this sample is dying to get some vintage racing treatment.

Check out the EBAY-auction - Item number: 220780146532...and bid before it is too late.

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