mandag 9. mai 2011

The Think Tank

This weekend hosted the annual "mother of all swap meets" here in Norway - the "Ekeberg Market". Hundreds of sellers, thousands of buyers - this is a really nice event with a history since the 60ies and arranged by the veteran car club of Norway.

During recent years, we find more friends and faces than nuts and bolts...but there is always something.... Last year our big find was the Italmeccanica supercharger, which is bound for our '51 356 - check it out here:

This year, a wonderful airplane belly-tank got us thinking..... A pair of Okrasa-heads hangin' out the sides of it....a "non-shock-tower" front beam off a Kubel up front....wouldn't it be sweet? But this year we left it at that - just think-tanking. Some lucky buyer might have picked it up, although he would have to have been slimmer than us in order to fit in it.

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