fredag 28. januar 2011

One of our heroes: Mr Emerson Fittipaldi

Twin-engined Beetle!

Taking Vintage Speed to a new level: Mr Fittipaldi has a long and quite extreme racing-career and the Screwdrivers of course knew of his VW-beginnings.. His now-restored blue and white Ghia (with the lovely Le Mans number lights...) was a great template when constructing our "Der Thundersodder Spezialer". Then all of a sudden this twin-engined "Monster Beetle" shows up on our screens! Unreal...! Check the intakes, the tyres...the engines....the competitors! Unbeleivable...

Check this link for details on the "Fitti-Fusca":

Time for somebody to recreate!

Thanks to "anmilsurp" over at The Samba for this translation:

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