søndag 12. desember 2010

Screwdrivers On Tour, Part 5


Our good friend Kreutzi from the legendary DFL-club offered a couple of beds and an "advents-stake" to two worn out Screwdrivers - thanks a lot! Kreutzi collects Matchbox-cars amongst other things and he was our perfect guide in Hamburg for a whole day.

Hamburg has a lot to offer for early VW-enthusiasts - but unfortunately the fantastic PROTOTYP museum was closed on the Monday we were there.. But - Himmelservice with its new boss was open for business and our first stop for the day. We picked up a new inner headliner for our '53 Karmann - very good to see the tradition being kept up by a new generation - if you're looking for an interior for your vintage VW, there is no better place.

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