lørdag 4. desember 2010

Screwdrivers On Tour, Part 3

VW 38/06:

While in "mecca", we had to approach "the alter" and see in flesh the single car that has meant the most for the VW-hobby the last few years. VW38/06 is the sixth Beetle of the first Porsche prototype series that had the final shape of the Beetle. Very little separates this design from what was produced up until November-1952, but it is all in the details.... And the details and handcraft that has gone into this unbelievable restoration is nothing short of a miracle. When we stopped by, most parts had been found and/or fabricted and the chrome was just being sent off to Poland before the body left for the painter a few days later.

An amazing job by Traugott (the thinker) and Mathias (the metal-man) and Christian (parts-hunting) that has gone into this car. A single reason enough to plan your trip to Camberg, if you have not already...

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