tirsdag 8. desember 2009

Screwdrivers' visit to Hot Rods by Brizio

About two weeks ago we found ourselves with some spare hours in South San Francisco and made sure to use them wisely. Roy Brizio is a blue-blooded hot rod celebrity in the California car scene, but despite running a huge commercial operation and numerous bread-n-butter Street Rods...Roy has never forgotten the true hot rodder inside him...

The "shop truck" reflects where it all came from....a "hopped up Model T". The "25HP vintage speed" counterpart to the VW-hobby..

Keeping track of about 25 employees and at least that many customer projects demand "ordnung"... Roy keeps the "to do"-lists on the wall updated every evening...

We very quickly developed a "weak spot" for this old untouched Sprint Car with totally oxidised mag wheels and a seized Flathead...is it for sale? - Nope...my dad used to race it in the fifties, says Roy.... no wonder.

We love "cars on walls".... and we adore front motor dragsters.... best of both worlds, in other words..

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