onsdag 16. desember 2009

Barnfind of the century? Denzel!!

Finding ourselves in the Bay area a few weeks ago, we dropped by one of our Screwdriver-friends - Mark. Mark is a down-to-earth electronics engineer with a huge passion for VWs and a huge collection of VWs. One of the largest in the world, as a matter of fact.
When one has got "everything"...most collections are missing a Denzel. The littel race-engine-company that learned Porsche how to make 550 Spyders and that built some of the fastest engines and cars in the early 1950ies Germany. Less than 20 are known to excist in the world - rarer than rare...in other words.
Numerous "wanted" ads for Denzel -cars and -engines can be found all over the Internet and in virtually every magazine on both sides of the Atlantic... you might think wanted-ads never work, but in this case they did!
An old farmer/car collector in Virginia was cleaning out his barn and guess what he found in the back?.....untouched, original engine Denzel Spyder!!!!!
Via-via-via....this unbeleivable find ended up in Mark's good hands. Some wallets were "thickened" on the way...but who cares in the end; Mark has crossed out yet another "impossible-to-find" car for his fantastic collection - congratulations!

We started on the "preservation rather than restoration"-speech....and if you ever come across Mark we urge you to keep hammering the same arguments into his head... How many patinated Denzels will you ever see in your lifetime?

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