tirsdag 14. februar 2012

Our top four Mercedes-favorites:

....Mercedes, you say...."the enemy".. Yes, we know... But when they were in the race to obtain the goodwill of the big boss, Mercedes did build rear-engined, streamlined, small cars... and we love them.

Top choice would of course be the 150H Coupe - one of only 6 racecars built in 1934. Lovely lovely...did any of them survive?

Then....the 175H - a one-off prototype intended to show the speedy attributes of the new generation of compact cars...in 1933. Does anybody know if it did survive?

Third choice, in reality first choice for the collection, is of course the 130H. Introduced in 1934 as a Porsche-competitor in the "Fuhrer's competition" of producing THE German car. We love the 130H and can't wait to find the right one at the right price.....in the right condition.

Fourth choice....the "evulotionized" heckmotor-car...larger, better...more "Merced-ic" and less of a volks-auto... the 170H. These are still around, both here in Norway (one still with its first owner...) and also on Ebay.

Lovely - although they come from the wrong side of Stuttgart....

150H (1934):
175H (1933): 130H (1934-36):

170H (1936-39):

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  1. Love those Heck!

    In Sweden there has been some, one 4 sale on blocket.se last year, think it was an 130 or 170.

    DKW schnellast is an other nice car.

    // "Majonnesmannen" Daniel 50split