mandag 27. september 2010

Gas-station spy-shots...

The Screwdrivers' network of VW-observers is wide and always in a spot near you... Last weekend, within just a few kilometers distance and just some hours difference, two of our friends mug-shot these two collectables at local gas stations in Trivelige Troendelag, right in the middle of Norway...

First - a lucky new owner is bringing his 54 Barndoor LH-cargo door Panel home from the forrest. Going from the north to the south - can you guess who the lucky man is?

Then... this green Oval seems to see daily drives in the northern part of Gudbrandsdalen. it was parked outside a Statoil-station as the owner was shopping for chocolate.

The barns, forrests or streets will never run out of gold-to-be-found... Send us your spy-shots..

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