fredag 11. juni 2010 does .... Scandinavia!

The Screwdrivers' love Switzerland and our Swiss VW-friends. During the whole month of June, "Santa" Claud from is touring our country with his wonderful green bus and besides Swiss chocolate, Scotch and strange homebrew, he even brought Andre and Thomas in a 73 Westfalia. They are roughly doing Oslo-Lillehammer-Dovre-Røros-Trondheim-Hommelvik-Atlanterhavsveien-West Coast-Bergen-Voss-Kristiansand the coming weeks, so if you are along this route and have something interesting to tell them or show them - give us a shout.

Have a safe journey guys - thanks for the chocolate and the .... brew!

Check out their cool travel blog here:

For any type of European VW-trading, check out Claud's massive site here:

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