tirsdag 24. november 2009

We Love Amazon.com!

Winter-time is also time to fill up your bedside table with good literature... We are not sure why, but the recent years we have seen some obscure, yet fantastic automotive titles being published. The market for some of these niche books can not be great, or greater than before...so we assume it is the publishing/printing costs that have decreased to enable all this great literature to be published.

Some of our current favorites on our next-to-our-bed table are:

"Autodrome" - the lost race tracks of Europe (fantastic!)

"Baron of Speed - Huschke Von Hanstein" - if you love 1940-1955 VW-Specials and Porsches (and of course you do!)

"Die Edel Kafer" - we wore out our "VW Kabriolets & Coachbuilts" many many years ago...and this book that came a few years back is just a fantatstic follow up.

Log on and get them for YOUR bedside table....

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