onsdag 30. september 2009

SweetSwapMeet-find: ITALMECCANICA supercharger

#2 scored big time at the legendary "Ekeberg" swap meet 2 weeks ago... This is where VW-voultures and junk mix two times a year - and every now and then a real gem shows up. This very rare, very nice ITALMECCANICA compressor / supercharger / blower made between 1951-53 for the 25HP VW-engine was this year's big prize.
Much more about it over at TheSamba:

Do you know more about this thing? Pictures, survivors, old reports...anything will be greatly appreciated.

Now .... what car to put it on?

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  1. It would suit the Wiger quite nice, but it will not fit under the lid? On the other hand, there would be possible to find a lid to hide it under in #2's garage?? It sure rocks!